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It takes love and skill combined to produce a masterpiece.

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Welcome to our site.  On these pages you will find a variety of visual delights in the form of landscape and animal photography.


C.J. is the owner operator of AZHandiworks.  She heralds from deep in the heart of American countryside but loves to travel to other parts of the United States.  C.J. has lived in seven states and studied music, religion, art, creative writing, horticulture and architectural drafting.  Interest in the human story, design, health, and the environment are second only to her desire to be creative in everything she does.

All photography shown on this site is sold as prints.  AZColorworks retains copyrights.  Buyers are expected to use prints as individual artwork.  Other use such as reproduction for profit or distribution is illegal. 
Original artwork is different.  You are buying one of a kind.  You are paying for the entire work, concept and all and all the long hours put into its conception and creation.  Once you pay for it, it is yours, and you can reasonably expect that it is indeed one of a kind.  We only ask that you respect the artist and not use it as a component in computer-generated constructions of a different nature. 
Some painted art may have more than one production, and if that is the case, it will be made clear in the description and also show a reference number in the order code in parenthesis, e.g. RS-0000-(2) or RS-0000-(3). 
(This means that when items of original artwork are sold, there are no more identical pieces of work.  But in the case that copies were made, they are designated as such and are normally limited to two or three.)
Note:  All artwork will be shipped flat with foamcore by US Priority Mail, in cardboard box (unless other arrangements are made to ship in a tube.)  Alternative shipping arrangements must be confirmed with AZHandiworks.
Just click on the shopping cart buttons to connect with PayPal.  PayPal is a part of eBay and will very carefully and securely handle all your credit card transactions with AZColorworks sites.  You can pay by Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express.  When you join the ranks of our satisfied customers, we trust that you will derive many years of enjoyment from your purchase of AZColorworks Art.

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