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"Limited Edition" Softcover
Poetry Books Now Available


Lark-Songs, Wren-Whistles,
& Walnut Sod limited edition
of 500 (May 2003)
A collection of 25 pastoral poems on various themes.  Hand-
embossed cover with vellum liner; printed on  30% recycled
acid-free heavyweight paper. Be sure to specify name to be
addressed for the signing. 
Price:  $20.00 postage paid.


2001 Release:
Between Heaven & Earth

Limited first edition of 100. Eighteen poems, vellum inlay.  Hand
made,  hand embossed, signed and numbered.  Specify person's
name to be addressed.  Price is $15.00 postage paid.

                 Price: $15.00


2002 Release:
Heart Fallout

Limited first edition (50 books). Twenty-five poems of love and
heartache.   Sigh, moan, laugh, cry.  Beautiful vellum inlay and tied
up with a pink ribbon.  Signed and numbered just for you or for
whomever you specify.  Price is $20.00 postage paid.
                          Price:  $20.00

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