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About Author-Poet C.J. Hough
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Who Am I?


I am an American by birth and many combined ethnicities by blood. My ancestors traversed most of the globe to survive and to create the legacy that brought my family to its present places in the land of America. I grew up living off the fertile land of an Iowa farm. My ancestry is quite mixed, most of my immigrant ancestors being in this country from early colonial times--the 1600's and 1700's. They fought in every war and trod on many states, making a living and raising their young at the peril of their lives. Some befriended America's natives, purchasing directly from them the land on which they settled; others fought in the wars against them. Some were captured and relatives scalped. Most were patriots and a few were loyalists; all fought for what they believed in. I think because of this heritage, there has always been in my soul an appreciation for the multi-faceted points of view to any subject.

Why I Must Create

The desire to create art of any sort is not born of flesh but it is spiritual. Therefore I cannot explain it other than to say it does not originate in my own body. It has been taught to me by God or by muses or by other "creators" and I have subconsciously given my nod of approval to it, but I can no more explain it than I can explain the Author of the universe. It is my place only to paint it, photograph it, write it, say it, sing it or play it.

Why Celebrate?
In heaven, I submit that celebrations occur at different times and for different events than we commemorate on earth.  Some of Heaven's Celebrations might include:
          When a liar tells the truth
          When a smoker quits smoking
          When a sinner chooses not to sin
          When a baby is born/baptised/graduated/
               when that person prays with a pure heart
               when that person dies with peace and the soul
               reunites with all those in heaven . . .