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AZPublishing is currently a home-based business, part of AZColorworks.  Everything is given the personal touch.  Since the enjoyment of a story or poem is subjective and highly personal, we cannot guarantee satisfaction with the product. Perfection is not our aim; but rather the depth of meaning and clarity of character.  We can only offer insurance that the items shipped arrive in good condition, the same offer applied to the shipping of all AZColorworks products.  We do invite you to offer your thoughts and suggestions below.  Thank you for visiting.  We hope you enjoyed it.

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Imagination is Our business;
Thank You for Yours!

The cultivation of ideas and the publication of them is the livelihood of this business.  Please honor our  commitment to a career with ideas by paying for any items you intend to talk or write about and by giving credit where credit is due.  Using copy-righted material without permission is against the law.
Thank You.  --The editors of AZPublish.

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